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  • I would like to see interactive water features suitable for young children and their families similar to what is in place at 41st and Riverside. I would like plenty of shaded seating…

    - Susan Gustafson
  • Would like to see Crow creek used as an pedestrian access to river parks. Also expanding a trail all the way to the Bookside area. A large ‘landbridge’ tying the new area to the river…

    - Mike Jaris
  • I like that the area is very convenient for Tulsa residents to get to, that it is a BEAUTIFUL wide open area, that it is part of the Parks Dept so it won’t be broken up into a housing development etc. I like that the George Kaiser Foundation is helping to make it a special place for Tulsans to gather.

    - Holly Fisher
  • Horseback riding. A doggy beach (again, this is an idea from Prospect Park). More diverse terrain. Add some hills. I think a large portion of the big lawn should remain as is for concerts or classic movies or opera in the park.

    - Dana Furtado
  • I’ve spent a lot of time in New York, Central Park. I love Sheep’s Meadow, where there is open space to hang out on a blanket or place frisbee, have a picnic with friends. Having a place for Shakespeare in the park would be awesome. A dog park would be great too. There aren’t any dog parks nearby. Lots of trails and nature and water features…

    - Anita Saunders
  • I am so grateful for your deep generosity to the city and all you have done to make Tulsa a wonderful place to live.

    - Thea Lancaster
  • Preserve the woods and make them accessible, but make it a place where kids and adults can experience a bit of nature in a natural state. Some simple paths would be great, but make it a place that can be explored and discovered. More like going for a walk in a national forest then a city park.

    - Ben West
  • We are so excited about this project and are so deeply grateful to the George Kaiser Family Foundation for making this possible.

    - Glenda Silvey

Project Vision

George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF) is leading an effort to significantly enhance the River Parks by connecting three adjacent waterfront parcels to the existing system, creating a broad and active civic commons where people of all ages and backgrounds can experience something new, visit after visit.

MapParks anchor vibrant communities, typically increasing property value, attracting new constituencies and bolstering local businesses. This project represents an opportunity to turn Tulsa’s waterfront into a force for improving the city’s social, economic and environmental sustainability. Given Tulsa’s rich architectural history and cultural institutions, this diverse and highly active waterfront park will complement existing urban amenities and strengthen the connections between the city and its natural environment.

The park will be a place that truly reflects the culture and spirit of Tulsa. It will feature something for everyone – a blend of nature within an urban setting -- a legendary park that will become the envy of cities nationwide.

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