Gathering Place developer Kaiser turns out to thank $10 million donor


Namesake of the foundation developing Gathering Place, George Kaiser made a rare public appearance Friday to thank one of the park’s largest donors, Halliburton.

Amid face-numbing cold, Kaiser used humor to break the ice.

“We’re especially pleased today to have you here, (CEO and President) Jeff (Miller), to extend Halliburton’s connection with Oklahoma and Tulsa,” the philanthropist said of the international oil-field services company’s $10 million pledge. “Whenever you’re willing to come full circle, we’d even be willing to build a new corporate headquarters with very cheap rent on some extra land at the south end of this park. Of course, that assumes that Amazon doesn’t elect to take that spot first.

“We could call it Halliburton Headquarters II. We wouldn’t expect you to move the headquarters facility in Houston here, but maybe the one in Dubai.”

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