Gathering Place shortens name, launches logo


Tulsa’s unfolding, philanthropic park has unveiled a logo and shortened its name.

Formerly known as A Gathering Place for Tulsa, the green space being built along the Arkansas River has been branded “Gathering Place.” Representatives will add the tagline “Tulsa’s Riverfront Park” when trying to reach a broader audience.

Eliminating the “a” was practical because it was dropped many times, anyway, in spoken and written references, said Jeff Stava, executive director and trustee of Tulsa’s Gathering Place LLC. The other bookend change did away with what was viewed as a redundancy.

“When we created the name, the reason we said ‘A Gathering Place for Tulsa’ is that we were trying to make sure that people knew that this was going to be a gift for them,” Stava said. “That was really important in the early positioning. But fast forward basically three or four years now, and you don’t don’t need to say Tulsa, anymore, because every Tulsan knows it’s for them.

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