Williams Lodge will be elegant introduction to A Gathering Place for Tulsa



The first impression of A Gathering Place for Tulsa will be a grand one.

Visitors to the $400 million park will be greeted by Williams Lodge, a 25,000-square-foot fusion of glass, sandstone and steel.

“They (designers) wanted the landscape stone to look like it was peeled away and the building was set inside it,” Jeff Stava, executive director and trustee of Tulsa’s Gathering Place LLC, said Friday while conducting a tour of the under-construction facility. “They wanted it to look natural. That’s why the stones are so big.”

 Sandstone boulders used to build the lodge weigh from a half-ton to 3½ tons and must be hoisted into place, he said.

“It’s a special vein that the architects found that has the rust color, the maroon and what they call a tawny beige,” Stava said.

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